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In the quiet embrace of night, when the world fades to a whisper and dreams ​weave their tales, the true essence of cinema is conceived. The Nocturna ​Online Brooklyn Film Festival stands as a testament to this belief—that the ​most profound film ideas and narratives emerge from the dreams and ​contemplations birthed in the darkness. These nocturnal inspirations, raw ​and untainted, capture the very soul of humanity, often revealing truths more ​vivid than the reality of daylight.

The silent hours of the night are not just a retreat from the cacophony of daily ​life; they are a sanctuary for introspection, imagination, and creativity. As the ​moon casts its gentle glow, many are compelled to relive memories, confront ​hidden desires, or face deep-seated fears. It's in these hours that real ​stories, unfiltered and poignant, come alive, waiting to be captured on film.

At Nocturna, we honor these raw, introspective films and stories. We ​celebrate filmmakers who harness the power of the night in the metaphorical ​sense of the word, transforming fleeting visions and silent reflections into ​cinematic art. Our mission is to illuminate these stories, offering a platform ​for them to shine as they deserve, reminding the industry of the magic that ​lies in the hush of darkness, where inspiration dances freely.


The Nocturna Film Festival, initially poised to be an in-person beacon for nocturnal cinematic expression in Brooklyn, unfortunately never had the chance to unfold its screen to the public due to the global onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival's aspirations were significantly thwarted as the pandemic led to a loss of funding, with investments made becoming unrecoverable costs in the wake of event cancellations. Yet, in a turn of fortune and with a commitment to the arts, new management has taken the helm, bringing with them a major sponsor. This fresh alliance promises to reinvigorate the festival, transitioning it from a dream deferred to a vibrant platform ready to showcase the night's allure through the lens of filmmakers around the world.

Undeterred by these hurdles, we transitioned into the digital realm, ensuring that our cherished legacy would not only persist but thrive. Today, Nocturna has carved out its niche in the exclusively online domain, upholding its esteemed reputation and credibility. It is a rare gem among online creative contests, proudly offering a significant grand cash prize of $2,500 for its Best Picture of the Year. With IMDb accreditation and an ever-evolving rotating jury panel each year, the festival continues to uphold its standards of excellence. The impeccable quality of Nocturna's film selections, coupled with the sophistication of our website design, underscores our commitment to the craft and community. This is not merely an online film festival; it's a testament to a luminary brand and community that has weathered challenges, adapted, and proven its resilience and dedication to the world of cinema over the recent years.


The Nocturna Online Brooklyn Film Festival is a celebration of narratives birthed in the silent embrace of the night, echoing the profound inspirations of nocturnal musings. While our inclination leans toward the fantastical realms of fantasy and science fiction, which inherently mirror the unpredictability and wonder of dreams, we equally value the introspective depths of films that delve into the human psyche. Such films unravel the intricacies of mental subjectivity, revealing layers of internal dialogues, dilemmas, and desires, fostering a deep connection between viewers and onscreen narratives. Technical brilliance in cinematography, sound, and editing, which heightens the dreamlike or introspective experience, is paramount. Yet, at the core, what we seek are original, creative tales that transport audiences beyond reality, into worlds resonating with emotional depth and cohesive storytelling. Embracing diverse voices and perspectives, we yearn for films that are more than mere stories; they should be vivid dreams and introspections captured in cinematic frames, each painting a unique tapestry of the human experience.


We are excited to announce the first batch of finalists for the 2024 Nocturna Online Brooklyn Film Festival, featuring Ivan Proskuryakov's compelling documentary "This is Edik: A Tale of a Gifted and Stolen Childhood," which brings to life the story of the renowned children's author Eduard Uspensky. Jonathan Gibney's "The Boy" offers a poignant depiction of a young boy's forced maturity during the Viking era, while Stanley Pomianowski's "Crocodylus: Mating Season" infuses the festival with a dose of campy thrill, following the myth of a human-alligator hybrid. Completing the list is Ryan Nielsen's "Pretty as a Picture," a compelling dive into the obsessions of a photographer with the perfect image. These films exemplify the breadth of creativity and storytelling prowess that NOBFF celebrates, and we extend our congratulations to the directors and their teams for their outstanding work.


Rules to enter the Nocturna Online Brooklyn Film Festival:

Our guidelines are straightforward and crafted to ensure a fair and smooth process for all participants. Upon entering your work for consideration at Nocturna, you agree to the following terms and conditions...


1. Copyright: You certify that your work is ready for festival exhibition (all music, fonts, visuals, etc. are cleared worldwide, in perpetuity, multi-platform), and that the intellectual property is yours. If you are acting as a distributor, you affirm you've secured permission from the copyright owner.

2. Use of Stills / Clip Fragments: You allow us to use stills and short clips from your film on the festival's digital platforms, including our website and social media channels, exclusively for promotional, non-commercial, and educational purposes.

3. Downloading: You grant permission to the festival director to download your film(s) to assist with offline viewing and to fulfill festival's programming needs.

4. Streaming: You permit us to showcase your film online with appropriate encryption and password-protection.

5. IMDb: Nocturna's team can update your awards/nominations on your IMDb pages, but will not initiate creation of film pages if they aren't existing.

6. Code of Conduct: You pledge to maintain respect and courtesy toward all involved.

7. Feedback: While we don't provide feedback on every submission, we do offer a critical review option.

8. No Refunds / Sportsmanship: No refunds will be provided based on dissatisfaction with final festival decisions.

9. One-Time Fee for All Categories: A singular fee ensures your film is evaluated across all festival categories for potential awards/nominations.

10. Accepted Submission Types: We accept a broad spectrum of submission formats.

11. Submission Permissions: Filmmaker teams can enter multiple projects in the same festival round.

12. Submission Restrictions: Once a film has been submitted to a particular edition, it cannot be re-submitted in subsequent ones.

13. Film Reviews: To request a film review, your film must have been submitted to the competition.

14. Official Selection: A submission does not automatically grant "Official Selection" status.

15. Mailing List: By submitting to Nocturna, you automatically join our newsletter.


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Policy on Free Waivers and Online Integrity

At the Nocturna Online Brooklyn Film Festival, our mission is to ensure a level playing field for all filmmakers who wish to showcase their creative prowess. We are fully committed to maintaining the integrity and fairness of our online platform, and to this end, have set forth the following guidelines:

Privacy Policy

1. Newsletter and Promotional Communications Opt-In: By submitting an entry to our festival, you consent to be added to our mailing list and marketing communications from partner film festivals and creative contests.

2. Opt-Out Rights: You may unsubscribe or withdraw consent for electronic communications at any point. Opt-out is available by emailing us with a request to unsubscribe.

3. Use of Personal Information: We respect your privacy and will handle your data according to relevant data protection regulations.

4. Changes to this Clause: We may update this Privacy Policy Clause when necessary.

5. Contact: Any queries regarding this Privacy Policy Clause can be directed to our team.

1. Email Marketing & Official Selection: While we employ email marketing as a strategy to amplify the reach and awareness of our festival, it is important for filmmakers to understand that receiving marketing communication does not equate to automatic official selection or nomination. Films undergo a stringent selection process, and there is no guarantee of selection based solely on marketing outreach.

2. No Free Waivers: In the realm of online creative contests, optics matter as much as substance. Offering free waivers can inadvertently send a mixed signal about the festival's integrity and the value it places on filmmakers' contributions.

Our decision to not provide free waivers is twofold:

3. Respect for All Participants: Many filmmakers invest both time and resources to participate in our festival. It is paramount that every filmmaker feels their efforts and investments are respected and valued equally.

4. Maintaining Prize Integrity: Granting the prestigious winner of the year title, accompanied by a grand cash prize, to someone who entered on a free waiver could potentially undermine the perceived value and fairness of the competition. Such an approach might unintentionally devalue the efforts of those who adhered to the standard entry process.

By entering the Nocturna Online Brooklyn Film Festival, you confirm your understanding of and compliance with the above terms, and acknowledge having read and accepted Nocturna's rules and regulations.​

Our festival thrives on the passion, dedication, and sportsmanship of its participants. We believe these policies ensure an environment where creativity is celebrated, and all filmmakers are given an equitable chance to shine.

2024 JURY

Douglas Detwiler

Filmmaker & Screenwriter

Douglas Detwiler brings to the table an expansive repertoire in film and video production. His transition from an International Baccalaureate film teacher to working in the heart of Los Angeles's film industry gives him a multifaceted understanding of cinematic storytelling. With a foundation in producing, editing, and directing across various media forms, Detwiler's seasoned experience will be critical in discerning the potential in each contest submission.

David DeWallace

Aspiring Casting Director

David DeWallace's journey through television and film at Hofstra University has forged a keen understanding of the nuances of casting and production. His practical experience as a writer for "Thursday Nite Live" and sales associate at UNIQLO has honed his skills in salesmanship, customer service, and creative writing. As an emerging casting director, DeWallace's fresh perspective and grasp of the current media landscape will be instrumental in selecting the Grand Prize Winner.

Tillie Simon

Broadcast Associate

A New York native and a graduate of SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory, Tillie Simon is a filmmaker driven by passion and the pursuit of storytelling with a purpose. Her current role as an associate producer at a documentary film agency and her hands-on experience with Major League Baseball's and NHL's broadcast networks showcase her exceptional skills in video editing and production. Simon's dedication to crafting impactful narratives will undoubtedly contribute a deep level of understanding and analysis to the jury's decisions.

Katie Potter

Emerging Film Analyst

From a young age, Katie Potter has been captivated by storytelling, a passion that has taken her from absorbing wisdom at the Paley Center to analyzing complex character arcs as a radio show co-host. Now, at Chapman University, she's refining her talent for film analysis, zeroing in on the portrayal of mental health in cinema. Katie's informed perspectives, drawn from her incisive reviews and critical essays in Film Matters, coupled with the hands-on learning from the Disney College Program, endow our jury with her unique analytical lens.

Chad Flaska

Film Festival Aficionado & Projectionist

With a decade of experience at Studio C, Chad Flaska has projected countless stories onto the silver screen, absorbing the language of cinema with every frame. His critical eye has been sharpened by screening documentaries for SXSW and independent films for Santa Fe International Film Festival, making his expertise invaluable to our jury.

Teague LaBrosse

Actor/Writer & Interactive Designer

Teague LaBrosse, an Interactive Experience Designer, excels in blending acting, writing, and game development. Educated at Rose Bruford College and The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, they specialize in creating engaging narratives for role-playing games and enhancing scripts as a Punch-up Writer. Teague's adaptability and commitment to collaborative, high-quality work, makes them a standout talent in creative and narrative-driven projects.

Joe Teixeira

Cinematographer & Director

Joe's mantra, "Put God first," echoes in his dedication to capturing life through the lens. His award-winning work with Joe Texx Films LLC and his contributions to broadcast television, including The Weather Channel, speak of his commitment to storytelling that resonates and inspires. As a firefighter-turned-filmmaker, Joe brings a heroic depth to his vision, one that we're honored to have on our panel.

Eddy Sanchez

Independent Film Producer

From the trenches as a United States Marine to the film sets as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer, Eddy's journey is a testament to his adaptability and dedication. His recent project, "In Fidelity", showcases his narrative flair, which he's refined through roles as an assistant director and festival judge. His voice in our jury is that of experience, diversity, and passion for storytelling that changes lives.

Sophie Leiton Toomey

Actor/Producer & Advocate

From the vibrant stages of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to the virtual realms of Princess Hamlet, Sophie's artistic endeavors have been as dynamic as her advocacy for inclusivity within the entertainment industry. She harnesses her experiences in drama, the wisdom from the Lee Strasberg Institute, and her engagement in numerous leadership roles across campus to enrich her judgment on our panel.



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